Härlig och inspirerande låt om privatekonomi.

Det här är en härlig, inspirerande och skicklig gjord musikvideo om privatekonomi. Låten är skriven och producerat av Matt Giovanisci som driver privatekonomibloggen Listen money matters.

“All My Money” Lyrics

I don’t wanna be broke, I just wanna be paid / I’m just gonna take all my money and put it away / All my money away.

Officially out of debt / Credit card, no respect, I’m over it / Bounty hunting fees like I’m Boba Fett / You feel it yet? / Got a check, now deposit it / Your entitlement, invest it man / Take the bet, no regret / Believe it now / Ditched the ward cleaver style / Start saving, waiving, stashing rations like a beaver now / Hold it down / Add it to your savings, basic elementary / Purse be overfloweth, twenty first century / Potentially, wait and see, where you’ll be financially / Soon you’ll be competing with the Rockefeller family / Withdrawals and bank logs, make it automatically / Fanatically invest / Money’s in the interest / Take your dollars back in control, I need em / Fight for an annual rate, I beat em / Pay your credit cards every month, I cheat em / No stress, no debt, that’s freedom!

At Money Matters Man, cause listen, money matters man / Never satisfied till the money’s in my hand / You understand where I’m coming from, mix it up, mutual fund / Flavor like bubble gum, stocks, bonds, then I want / Saving for retirement / This boy ain’t for hire man / Money’s burning holes in your jeans, become a fireman / You running scared, ain’t prepared, no apologies / Instead of sitting on your loveseat blaming the economy / You follow me / Yea, now you understand it / Lazy when you hear me say, “step up and demand it.” / And now you’re reprimanded they’ll rob you like a bandit / Drain you like a swimming pool and leave you empty handed / Join the establishment / Use Mint, Betterment / All for your settlement, making a better man / I’m out, son, you know what to do / Make your money work for you.